Small Group Studies Now Available. March 25 2014

In the DVD small group study, God's School of Hard Knocks, Pastor Raymond teaches on the life of David and how the hard knocks God dealt David and allowed to come into his life shaped and chiseled him into the beloved King of Israel that God called "a man after my own heart." This small group DVD study is a great way to engage your group members with already included discussion questions at the end of each lesson.

The first lesson on Saul talks about how Saul brought destruction on himself; the second lesson speaks of David's time as an unknown shepherd, where David would learn some useful skills he would later need. In lesson three, David's "altar moments" are examined; in lesson four, when David is given the opportunity to advance himself, we learn about proving ourselves to God by passing His tests of our character, and in lesson five we learn that when we confess our sin, it no longer defines us.

In the LifeGrid small group study, the "Wisdom Literature" books (Job, Psalms, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes and Song of Solomon) show us the spectrum of human circumstance and emotion. Highs, lows, despair and great joy. Through the examples of the men and women of these books, we can learn much about how to navigate these different seasons in our lives.

Each of these small group DVD studies come with a CD which includes the notes and handouts for each of the five lessons! Order yours today in our catalogue.